Amalie Bodie was diagnosed with acute joint hypermobility syndrome from an early age and is no stranger to pain; she also suffers from periods of anxiety as a result of this and a serious illness in the family. It all goes into her art.

“A little over two months ago, I decided to do something about my artistic abilities. Family, friends, and colleagues at work all liked my work, but they had my best interest at heart, and I needed to get feedback from people that didn’t know me. That was a scary moment and the first real hurdle in this journey. I chose to post my work on Instagram to gauge the level of interest in my style of art.”

Amalie’s art is an eclectic mix of several influences including mandala art, doodle art and Indian art … with her own twist. It doesn’t fit neatly into any of them. She likens her art to the real world and gets inspiration from everyday objects and themes around her.

When feedback started to come through that her art would look amazing on clothing … the idea of ambod came into being and Amalie is thrilled at the prospect of people actually wearing her art!

Amalie believes that wearing ambod provides a message to the world, “I may not be perfect, but I want to enjoy life as best as I can.”

You can catch up with Amalie’s artwork and new pieces currently being developed on her Instagram page at ambod_art.